The Teacher Is Calling

I am fortunate to have a few mom friends who have been an incredible support and blessing to me.  Having a solid mom tribe, even one with its members dispersed about, is incredibly important for continual encouragement during our toughest trials as mothers, and essential for celebrating with us our and our children’s biggest achievements,…… Continue reading The Teacher Is Calling

Could You Just Please Calm Down?

Sometimes, it’s something tiny.  Sometimes, it’s a little bigger.  But one of the missions of Davis INC.  is the management and prevention of the tantrum.  Now, I know that tantrums are quite normal, especially at the toddler/preschool age.  But in our home, it has turned into a  regular day-to-day occurrence; one that I have to…… Continue reading Could You Just Please Calm Down?

Feeling the Frustration- How to Handle the “I Can’ts”

It’s 9 am on a Thursday morning and my son is on the floor sulking.  He slept well the night before and ate a pretty well-balanced breakfast just an hour before.  So what on Earth in the middle of the summer could have gotten him into such a funk that his entire body ended up…… Continue reading Feeling the Frustration- How to Handle the “I Can’ts”