The Truth About Invisible Disabilities

In the past, I’ve shared my fear about raising black children in this world, particularly in the current climate of our society.  It is downright scary knowing that they will experience hatred and discrimination simply because of the way they look, something for which they cannot control.  It is my and my husband’s job to…… Continue reading The Truth About Invisible Disabilities

Diagnosis Take 4: Is it ADHD, or…

…Just a lack of motivation Math sucks.   For me growing up, there was no way around it.  I hated math. It stressed me out and frustrated me.  I remember sitting in a full classroom feeling more alone because it seemed everyone always understood what was going on except for me.  I found ways to…… Continue reading Diagnosis Take 4: Is it ADHD, or…

Discipline, Race, and the Spectrum… How we set expectations for our Black children with Autism and ADHD in today’s world

This country does not make it easy for Black kids.  It’s become a sad norm to see news stories and videos of Black kids being “mistaken” for criminals and beaten and/or killed on video.  This is the state of the world in which we live.  We are going backwards when it comes to issues on…… Continue reading Discipline, Race, and the Spectrum… How we set expectations for our Black children with Autism and ADHD in today’s world

Our Learning Differences Journey

Life has been messy, to say the least.  It’s been difficult to pin point where exactly my next move will be because I’ve been so busy still tending to unresolved issues and uncertainties.  In the midst of struggle, it can be easy to feel lost and confused, abandoned and alone.  The overwhelming guilt attributed to…… Continue reading Our Learning Differences Journey

All Smart Everything

It wasn’t that long along that the idea of video calling was revolutionary, something of the future sort of like what we saw on the Jetson’s, what with the flying cars and all.  But behold, the future is upon us, for in our very reachable midst are smart phones, smart tvs, smart tablets, smart watches……… Continue reading All Smart Everything

Elsa and Doug: An “Atypical” Marriage

Television has become rather impressive in its depictions of special needs characters at the center of the story line.  Speechless, The Good Doctor.  Switched at Birth.  Perhaps, however, one of my favorite new shows is one that has been streaming on Netflix for the past two years:  Atypical.  The premise of the show is rather…… Continue reading Elsa and Doug: An “Atypical” Marriage