A Change in Perspective Boosts Confidence- A Mary Poppins Lesson

Mary Poppins.  You know her.  You love her.  And if you’re a mom, you wish you had your own Mary Poppins, if just a little bit of that magic.  If only it were as easy as saying “spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.”  We’ve all been there, had moments as parents where…… Continue reading A Change in Perspective Boosts Confidence- A Mary Poppins Lesson

All Smart Everything

It wasn’t that long along that the idea of video calling was revolutionary, something of the future sort of like what we saw on the Jetson’s, what with the flying cars and all.  But behold, the future is upon us, for in our very reachable midst are smart phones, smart tvs, smart tablets, smart watches……… Continue reading All Smart Everything

The Teacher Is Calling

I am fortunate to have a few mom friends who have been an incredible support and blessing to me.  Having a solid mom tribe, even one with its members dispersed about, is incredibly important for continual encouragement during our toughest trials as mothers, and essential for celebrating with us our and our children’s biggest achievements,…… Continue reading The Teacher Is Calling

Understanding Early Intervention

Most of us who have children diagnosed with a special need are familiar with early intervention, or at least we ought to be.  Starting at pretty much birth, medical providers begin asking parents questions regarding growth and development.  As that baby ages, the questions change to reflect the appropriate developmental stage.  And if there are…… Continue reading Understanding Early Intervention

Elsa and Doug: An “Atypical” Marriage

Television has become rather impressive in its depictions of special needs characters at the center of the story line.  Speechless, The Good Doctor.  Switched at Birth.  Perhaps, however, one of my favorite new shows is one that has been streaming on Netflix for the past two years:  Atypical.  The premise of the show is rather…… Continue reading Elsa and Doug: An “Atypical” Marriage

7 Ways My Children Make Me a Better Human

  Having a child who is differently-abled can be challenging and can test your limits, and your confidence, as a parent.   When my son was diagnosed with Autism in 2012 and then my daughter with ADHD in 2018, one of the immediate thoughts I had was if this was somehow my fault; if through some…… Continue reading 7 Ways My Children Make Me a Better Human

Could You Just Please Calm Down?

Sometimes, it’s something tiny.  Sometimes, it’s a little bigger.  But one of the missions of Davis INC.  is the management and prevention of the tantrum.  Now, I know that tantrums are quite normal, especially at the toddler/preschool age.  But in our home, it has turned into a  regular day-to-day occurrence; one that I have to…… Continue reading Could You Just Please Calm Down?

Why Our Middle Has a 504 Plan, NOT an IEP

This past February, our middle was diagnosed with combined-type ADHD.  This simply means that she exhibits concerns with both impulsiveness and hyperactivity, and a struggle with focus and attention.  Having the diagnosis answered many questions I had had for years as to why she was struggling with unfavorable behaviors.  And although it wasn’t affecting her…… Continue reading Why Our Middle Has a 504 Plan, NOT an IEP